Oct 22, 2009

Headline of the Day (hotd)

The time has come to say out loud: We are no different than any other sector. Everyone is "seduced" within their own sector, and the Fanan suicide proves that.

---- Kikar Net

after a number of haredi businessmen have collapsed causing many haredi investors to lose bundles and life savings, The Fanan suicide shows that other sectors are the same. Under criticism why haredim tend to invest only (or should I say generally) with haredi businessmen, Fanan shows that all sectors act similarly. People invest with people like them. Fanan was in the world of sports, and he had attracted a lot of sports players to his investments, who suffered from his collapse that led to his suicide.

As well, just the collapse, the high risk-high return promises, that attracted simple investors and caused them to lose, is not just among the haredim, but now a high profile case has been exposed in the secular community - Fanan.

So the haredi news says "we are just like everyone else".

Weren't we supposed to be better than everyone else? Isn't that what the haredi papers usually say?

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