Oct 18, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

Jerusalem has a debt of honor to "Gandhi"... For 19 years Jewish Jerusalem was pushed aside to a corner, closed on three sides and split with a municipal line that was antagonistic and hostile...The government of Israel decided to annex the Old City of jerusalem, and the task was placed upon Gandhi. The unified map of the city that the government approved, was a result of his work, and at that moment, Jerusalem was expanded. Neighborhoods of the city from Ramot to Gilo owe a debt to Gandhi..

--- PM Benjamin Netanyahu

His clear voice is no longer heard from the podium of the Knesset. That voice has left a vacancy... There were times where his words would arouse anger, but you would know that they were said from his heart. His positions seemed to be poured from iron - they were not yielding over time...Gandhi formulated his views in the Palmach, and later brought them to the Knesset. "Greater Israel" was not a racist ideaology. One should not confuse the two... Gandhi was a son of the land. He would walk with the Arabs of the land and he spoke their tongue. he adored them. But in the national debate, he would not compromise at all. On a personal level he was careful about honoring each person....his being missing is painful, and his contribution will never be forgotten. he is engraved in the memories of his adherents and his opponents.

--- President Shimon Peres

(in honor of Rehavam Zeevi's yahrtzeit, he gets the dual qotd. Hashem Yinkom Damo)

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  1. Somebody mentioned recently )maybe you?) that mk's sign that they will not be ransomed. I was wondering at the time if perhaps that's why he was murdered rather than kidnapped


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