Oct 21, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

If they judge the mother without justice, a civil war will break out....
I don't see a possibility that the mother will be sent to jail. her innocence will be proven. There are elements have have sworn they will perform a pulsa d'nura against the heads of Hadassah, and then there will not be any witnesses to testify...

--------- Yoelish Krausz, Director of Operations for Eida Haredis
  1. "without justice" means finding her innocent. any verdict of guilty means justice was not done.
  2. The term for civil war used was "Milchemet Achim" - at least they see us and them as brothers!
  3. I think it is kind of cute that he says she will be found innocent because all the witnesses will be cursed to death so nobody will be able to testify against her...


  1. I'm not sure how killing the witnesses counts as judgment with justice.

    Considering that the Eida Chareidit "discourages" army service, it should be a pretty quick war. (Unless they give to Kupat Ha'ir first.)

  2. the war is not fought with armies, but with civilians beating up on traffic lights and garbage cans, and the police showing as little restraint as they can get away with...

    it is justice because if they are willing to testify against her they are clearly lying and that is not justice. so killing them is justice


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