Oct 28, 2009

Interesting Posts #95

1. Michal continues the discussion about Ivanka Trump's conversion and marriage.

2. Jew Wishes reviews a book - The Dentist of Auschwitz.

3. Not Brisker Yeshivish explains how Brisker endorsements works, and how careful Reb Chaim was before he gave an endorsement.

4. In the Pink has Wednesday's Wacky Sign...

5. Israel Chronicles discusses how much of tzniyus is about perception.

6. Frum n Flippin comments on what she thought would be happily ever after, as she now realizes, even before the fact, that that is not how it works.


  1. The post about Ivanka which you linked to is problematic for a number of reasons and it definitely constitutes lashon hara.

    I remember hearing that Ivanka was studying for conversion well over a year ago.

    By all accounts, Ivanka and her husband have been regularly attending shul etc. this past year.

    Michal's characterizations of Rabbi Lookstein and Rabbi Weiss are false.

    Ivanka's dress was not any less modest (in fact it was more modest) than many MO women wear.

    Unless you believe that it is impossible to ever have a Kosher MO conversion, there is no reason to question this one.

    It is fair to raise questions about conversion standards and discuss Rabbi Weiss's and Rabbi Lookstein's approach etc.

    It is not fair to just make stuff up.

  2. you have to understand that Michal herself is in the process of conversion, and writes from her experience. I am sure she is comparing the rules as were told to her to what she sees happenign with Trump.

    I don't know the practical processes or differences between batei din, but I can imagine if one is told a ste of rules and then sees someone famous seemingly circumventing them, I can understand that it can look like that person is getting favorable treatment.

    Is she? I have no idea. But I think I understand the perspective of Michal.

  3. thanks for the linkage! :)

  4. I'm aware that Michal converted (She's not still in the process.). I read her post and her "about me" description.

    Her facts are wrong. She criticizes the quickness of the conversion, saying it should take at least a year. It did.

    I have no problem with someone criticizing conversion standards. I do have a problem with someone questioning an specific individual's conversion on the basis of falsehoods and incomplete information. Last time I checked, it was a issur d'oraisa.

  5. The 5th volume of shulchan aruch discusses meta-implications of an act and how to balance the individual and the tzibbur; how to consider reality and perception.

    see shmot 5:21

    Joel Rich

  6. People.com is reporting today that the "post-wedding" reception that her husband's parents threw for them was a Sheva Brachot.
    Nevertheless, I think that it's naive to say that "there is no reason to question" this conversion. It was plainly done in order to facilitate the marriage, and I don't imagine that Ivanka Trump is planning on keeping Shabbat, kashrut, or most of the other mitzvot on a regular basis, which would negate the assumption of a valid Orthodox conversion.

  7. raizy - only time will tell. assuming she will not keep shabbos, is just an assumption. she might not, but maybe she will take it seriously...

  8. "I don't imagine that Ivanka Trump is planning on keeping Shabbat, kashrut, or most of the other mitzvot on a regular basis, which would negate the assumption of a valid Orthodox conversion."

    This is exactly the problem. You have no basis for asserting this. Doing so violates an issur d'oraisa.

    You start with the premise that she didn't sincerely convert. Yet you have no evidence for this claim. You have no basis for asserting that Ivanka was not mekabel ol mitzvos.


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