Oct 7, 2009

IAF 669 Unit rescues stranded hiker from Wadi Kelt (video)

Yesterday, the Israeli Air Force Unit 669 Search and Rescue team had to rescue a hiker who got injured and stuck in Wadi Kelt. Another hiker caught the rescue on video, and here is the really cool footage...


  1. Er... it is not that I am against hiking, but I wonder whether it could be educational for the future hikers if IDF will pass over, say, one in ten of these foolhardy folks who look for trouble. Just as a lesson.

    Nah, I know it's not Jooish...

    Hag Sameach anyway.

  2. I agree the idiots who go out unprepared need to be taught a lesson sometimes. But you never know who was an idiot and who went out prepared but got into trouble until after you rescue them... so the lesson needs to be taught a different way I guess.

  3. any idea what happened - left the trail or something? I was under the impression this was a tiyul that could be good for a family.... ?


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