May 17, 2010

Abutbol is really a unifying force in Bet Shemesh

Am I wrong about Moshe Abutbol? Could be..

According to Chief Rabbi Rav Metzger, Mayor Moshe Abutbol has impressed him with his ability to help all the different sectors of a diverse city, each one according to its specific needs...

Rav Metzger visited Bet Shemesh yesterday and in a ceremonial visit to the mayors office praised him to the heavans for his work and ability to satisfy everyone.

After that, when touring the city, after Mayor Abutbol described the work of the local rabbonim from the Chief Rabbi Rav Biton to neighborhood rabbis Ravs Spektor and Suissa and the Moetza HaDatit and described the work they do and the religious services provided, along with a review of what happened recently with the mikva and how they found a solution that satisfied everybody, Rav Metzger praised the Chief Rabbi of Bet Shemesh, Rav Biton, as one of his favorite rabbis in the rabbinate and having been involved for over 45 years in the rabbinate.

The visit concluded with a visit to a school - Bronco Weiss - where Rav Metzger was treated as royalty as the traditional/secular students greeted him in royal fashion rolling out, literally, a red carpet.

Can it just take a bit of stepping back, coming from out of the city, to see that the mayor is really a unifying force and maybe we are just too close to the situation?


  1. Of course he's a unifying force! He's done an amazing job of unifying the Dati Leumi, Chilonim, Sfardim and normal Chareidim.

  2. Rav Metzger, well meaning as he may be, is a political appointee. As such, he has to "make nice" to various elected politicians such as Abutbol, whether he wants to or not.

  3. He also went to Magen Avos girls school- he spoke to the older grades.


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