May 11, 2010

Volcanic ash

They say the volcanic ash from Iceland is headed to Israel and expected to arrive any day now.. I wonder if Nefesh B'Nefesh is going to make a large reception greeting the ash when it makes aliyah...and will they have an ash mob, er flash mob that is, organized for it?


  1. Ash Hatorah!!!

    Or maybe

    ASHrey Yoshvey vesehcho......

  2. Why don't you ash them?

    you know, you shouldn't get too close to the ash, you could burn your ash off.

    do people who lose their tickets get their ash back, or they get vouchers?

    in honor of the ash coming, i will go make some ashed potatoes.

  3. Waiter, waiter, there's some Ash in my soup!

    Well, I know it's a no fly zone.


  4. wait, i just thought of a great one...

    if it arrives tomorrow it will be Ash Wednesday!

    i'd like to thank the academy...

  5. The joke in England went something along the lines of "We said send CASH not ash"....

    *cue Chesed laugh*

  6. These were so bad , you should be ASHamed of yourselves!


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