May 26, 2010

Damage control?

Over the past week, Rav Elyakim Levanon has come under fire for some things he said about not giving leadership roles to women.

In what seems to be an attempt at damage control, Rav Levanon sent a letter to MK Tzipi Hotoveli explaining his intent in his statements.

Among other things, Rav Levanon wrote, " That is not so for .. my words were directed and appropriate for the public leadership of Elon Moreh, where the community is directed in the ways of "lechatchila".the general public.... As I expressed my opinion before you in the past, today as well I see you as a positive power, faithful to the spirit of Israel and the tradition of generations.You are the faithful representation of the values that are holy to Israel and the Torah, and it is important and necessary that this power stand at the podium of the Knesset in senior positions. I strengthen your hand to continue carrying the yoke you have placed on yourself, and to bring much blessing to the nation of Israel, to its land, and to its Torah."

Rav Levanon is basically saying that in a frum setting and environment it is inappropriate for women to be in leadership roles, whereas in a different setting, even if the stage is much larger and the level of leadership so much greater, it is important and even necessary for women to be involved in the leadership.

On the one hand it might simply be damage control, but on the other I find the differentiation Rav Levanon makes to be very interesting. There is a difference, he says, between public life and public life. Usually such differences are made between private and public, but here hs i doing the same between different levels of pubic life.

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  1. I saw this originally on Arutz 7 (in Hebrew) where Leora Minka of Emunah was quoted as she came out against this 'psak'. The first 99 talkbacks were like 'who is she to come say something against a great rav?'
    Our very own da'as torah party. Whoopee!


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