May 13, 2010


With many opportunities for hafganot coming up daily, especially now with Barzilai and some other stuff happening, Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel put this isgn up in Mir Yeshiva saying that students are not to be found anywhere near any hafganot.


  1. What means POTD?

    FWIW I linked this on my red tent blog

  2. see yoni, I knew this would eventually be asked... Bray - it means "picture of the day". Thanks for the link.

    As to your questions, maybe just the rosh yeshiva is fed up seeing the boys gt in trouble and being arrested because they want to look for some action and watch or participate in the hafganos.

  3. your welcome. but don't expect my site to drive you any traffic as it is infested with silence and tumbleweeds


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