May 23, 2010

Israel-Lebanon conflict heats up - Falafel ball

As the Middle East conflict escalates along the Israel - Lebanon border, Israel has won the latest battle.

After Lebanon retook the world record for largest plate of hummus, Israel has now recorded the world's largest falafel ball, weighing in at 10.5 kilogram.

The ball is now in Lebanon's court...

What is next? Strongest harif? largest bowl of diced cucumber and tomato to be included in the falafel? largest container of tehina?

If they figure out how to preserve this stuff long enough, they will eventually complete the making of the worlds largest serving of falafel...

1 comment:

  1. The New Middle East Book of Records...enormous falafel balls provided by Israel, vast quantities of humus by Lebanon, massive cucumbers from Gaza (raw sewage used for fertilizer - yum), unlimitted oil from Saudi, natural cooking gas from Egypt, 20-foot containers of US Food Aid Bread, and glowing-hot radioactive (civilian use only) charif from Iran.

    On the Whitehouse lawn, Barack Obama takes the first bite...

    Care to taste?


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