May 25, 2010

Catholic parents raising Orthodox Jewish child in Chicago (video)

If you remember the Joseph Reyes case in Chicago that is going on and has been in the news recently, there is now another case, also in Chicago, regarding a divorce, Catholic parents and a Jewish child. And this time, unlike in the Reyes case, the courts have ruled that the Catholic father must provide an Orthodox Jewish environment for the child.

From The Huffington Post:

Laura Derbigney tries to bring a little of her Hispanic upbringing into her family life.

"I like to shop at Hispanic-owned stores," she said. "I make tacos, I make enchiladas, I make flautas."

But not on the weekends, according to a court order.

She can't prepare pork or other traditional foods on weekends. She can't drive or use electricity on Saturdays. In fact, a judge has mandated that this Hispanic Catholic from Chicago follow Orthodox Jewish restrictions during the Sabbath.

The reason? Her new husband, recently divorced from a strictly observant Jewish woman. A divorce court has ruled that the seven-year-old son of that marriage must live an Orthodox lifestyle even while in the care of his father and step-mother, according to an NBC Chicago report.

And from the NBC Chicago report:

Her attorney, Joel Brodsky, says the court is out of line. Brodsky, who earlier this year won a similar religious case, said the First Amendment right to live according to your own religious beliefs is being thrown out the door with the temporary restriction.

"Just because you're divorced, the court can't say how to live your lives or what grocery store you can go to," Brodsky said. "The next step is going to be a Muslim father with custody. During the next visitation, is the mother going to have to wear a burka? That's where we're heading. Divorce courts have to stop getting in the way of religion."

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  1. "During the next visitation, is the mother going to have to wear a burka?"

    Not very logical for a lawyer... The issue here is the child's environment not the parent's liberty. The parent is free to forgo visitation if they prefer to attend a free love retreat and the court stipulates that the child can't be exposed to that.

  2. it is such a shame. people intermarry thinking they will figure out how to deal with the clashing cultures.
    Sometimes it is too much to overcome and sometimes the will to overcome those challenges dissipates over time.

    And even if you think you can overcome them, when a divorce gets involved, which nobody plans for, it becomes tremendously more difficult.

    And the kids are the ones who suffer the worst, but nobody ever thinks that far in advance. Right now they fell in love so all future challenges will be surmountable...


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