May 30, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero

While freedom of religion is a basic tenet of the American system, and not every Muslim in the world need be held responsible for what one group of Muslims did, you still must see the irony in a mosque being built right next to Ground Zero.

It took a lot of gall for the leadership of the Mosque and Islamic Community Center to make the request and work to get their plans approved to build their 13 story center right near Ground Zero, and in the process they have upset a lot of people. And it takes a lot of gall for the politicians to approve it.

And there is a strong sense of irony in the whole situation.

Yet how can anyone not approve it? These people did nothing wrong. Just because some other people of the same religion did a horrible crime against humanity doesn't mean every Muslim should be punished.

And how far outside Ground Zero would you have a mosque be banned? 2 blocks? 10 blocks? 2 miles? At what point is it ok to build a mosque and how close is it considered insulting to the victims?

Yet there is still a strong sense of sick irony in the whole story. Almost as if they wanted it there specifically just to "rub it in".

Yet how can you not allow them to locate the Mosque there? On what grounds?


  1. OTOH: and

  2. If you call it "at" then it's too close. And yes, I would think that's a big slap in the face. If their real desire is to have a mosque in the area, let it be 2 blocks away. To insist that it be "right there" is only to have a feather in their cap.

    How could they now allow it? Why do Moslems get away with having various things stopped because it would be offensive to them?

  3. Rafi, How could you not allow it?
    I'm surprised you are so ignorant about Islam, and you live and write about Israel. Boker Tov.
    Try reading more about the mosque and the people backing it. Also check out the name of the mosque. This a cynical Muslim move. Here's one site to start with:

  4. Israel and America are two different entities. Israel is a Jewish state with a non-Jewish minority, much of which is hostile to the Jewish majority.
    America is a country of all its people with no defined religion, along with separation of church and state. Muslims are not a minority in America. They are Americans. On what grounds can you stop a mosque form being built in a country like America? Just because you suspect ulterior motives and agenda? I dont think that is a reaosn to legally stop it. You cant be emotional and say stop it without offering a legal way to do so. I dont know that there is a legal way in a country like America.

    Israel is different with an openly hostile minority that requires us to treat them differently. Even though they have civil rights, they are not a hostile minority and are not treated the same as "Israelis".

    In Israel you can say "we suspect hostile motives" and that would be enough of a reason to stop such a plan. In America that is not enough.

  5. Rafi,
    are you aware that mosques are being using in the U.S. to prime their worshipers for Jihad? Are you aware that these mosques are being financially supported by Saudi Arabia? Are you aware of all of the American Muslims that have been responsible for attempted terrorist attacks in the United States, since 9/11? If you are not aware, then you are ignorant of the growing threat in the United States. Freedoms are being exploited in order to advance the Jihad. These goals are from actual documents from the Muslims themselves--used as evidence in numerous "terror" trials since 2001. Hey Mr. Chicago, did you forget about the plot to blow up Sears tower? NBC News and news services
    updated 8:41 p.m. ET June 23, 2006
    MIAMI - Seven young men arrested in an alleged plot against the Sears Tower were part of a group of “homegrown terrorists” who sought to work with al-Qaida but ended up conspiring with an informant, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Friday

  6. I saw the video someone posted in the first comment. Shocking.

    Now tell me a legal way to stop a mosque from being built by somebody who is not connected to the terrorists other than by religion.

  7. Sorry for being late to the party, I am catching up on a lot of reading! Two things to consider are that the mosque is opening on 9/11/11, the 10 year anniversary of the attack, and also the head Imam is directly connected to the 'flotilla' situation trying to bring terror to Israel.


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