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Sep 19, 2011

Haredi Group To Fight The Burqa Ladies

The following pashkevil has been spotted in areas where the group of "burqa ladies" are most highly concentrated, Mea Shearim and RBS B.

The pashkevil, anonymous of course as all good pashkevils are, calls out the group of women for rebelling against the Torah, for posing under the guise of holiness while doling out bad and prohibited advice, and taking the mantle of Torah for themselves. The writer claims they are destroying households and the chinuch of children.

The writer says they are opening a campaign against the group and will be publicizing names and addresses. They will nto stop until these women stop trying to spread their opinions among other households.

The funniest line in the pashkevil is where they write "Go back to washing the floor and the dishes, and leave the paskening to the gedolei torah and rabbonim!"

They also leave a phone number of a group for complaints or testimony.

Is it a group? Is it one person? All the avrious articles about it in the various media, both haredi and general, only mention the pashkevil but have not investigated who is behind it, and what it is all about.

While I personally think they are crazy, I support their right to dress however they want. That is, I support them as long as they are not out there trying to evangelize and convince others to do the same, often against their husbands wishes, though many have complained that that is the case. People can dress however they want, whether I like it or not. They can dress in halter tops and mini-skirts or they can dress in burqas. Or anything in between. Or the "modern and modest clothing" style. You can cover your hair with a burqa, with a tichel, a snood, a sheitel or nothing at all. Just leave me alone.

Whatever you want to wear, go ahead. I am all for individuality. Just don't evangelize. As soon as you do, I can no longer support you. I hope the community puts an end to this group.


  1. Are you against all evangelizing groups or just the burqa ladies? For example, Aish and Lubavitch and other more recognized groups are accepted, by and large, in the mainstream for their missionary style efforts.

    So is it only groups you disagree with like the burqa ladies and myself (promoting Jewish atheism)who should not evangelize?

  2. I definitely dislike some of their methods...
    against them completely? no. I am ok with them talking to interested people..

    what I am against is using alternative means to pressure people. violence, force, mental intimidation. if other organizations do that as well, then I will be against that too.

  3. One could take a page from their colleagues outside OROT and follow them around shouting "Taliban! Taliban!"
    Unless they see it as a compliment?

  4. The writer claims they are destroying households

    This is completely true. As I've said in a few other places, this backlash by the men (the Rabbanim) is very easy to understand. What happened is that the burqa women have declared that sexual relations are not tzanua and thus not permitted. And thus what the writer wrote above is 100% true.

  5. Rafi I think you should be more honest about that "do whatever you want" statement. Isn't it more like "so long as you don't hurt anyone else" ?

    The burka ladies are harming their children, undermining more normal educational efforts, and presenting a toxic view of orthodoxy.

    The Breslover women walking around in "shals" is not the same thing as the burka movement whose followers think everyone else is sinning. Once there's intolerance, I don't think we have to be tolerant.


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