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Sep 19, 2011

New Pashkevils For And Against Kannoim/Thugs In Bet Shemesh

Below are images of two interesting pashkevilim up in RBS B in recent days regarding the fight about the OROT building:

1. (pashkevil is split in two parts)

While this poster is anonymous, I think it has the style of the haredi community and classic pashkevils. This pashkevil is against the kannoim/thugs. It decries their use of violence and claims they are giving the haredi community a bad name, and the purpose of this is to protest their behavior so people should not say they remained silent. They call them thugs, they says the kannoim have called for a "war" but their war is not our war, etc.

this pashkevil is from the kannoim/thugs once again and it says they are arranging a major hafgana, and they will not be deterred by the frothing dogs or the inciting stormtroopers..

Both of these pashkevils are worth reading completely if you can make out the Hebrew... they are both entertaining in their approach and style


  1. Note that neither the thugs have real rabannim to sign on their pashkevil or a date for their hafgana and the protesters against them probably don't real dirt against them "vdai lemavin ve-ein kahn mekom lehaarikh".

  2. What a way to conduct public discourse! Personally, I think blogs, for any problems they have, are a lot better.


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