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Sep 18, 2011

Interesting Posts #303

Interesting Posts #303

1. Trying Out Frum - this is just wow. an amazing story of a person searching and willing to try..

2. Libyan Jews Shed No Tears For Ghaddafi

3. 1000 Naked Israelis Try To Save The Dead Sea..

4. Half Jews - a unique perspective regarding the "half-shabbos" issue that was in the news recently

5. Race Magic

6. Warning: Lakewood Style Kollel Coming To Taeneck - really? is it so bad that such kollels have to be rejected like this?

7. Abutbol Wags The Dog

8. Celebrating Life and Love


  1. the kollel article is one big rant of sinas chinam, lashon hara, rechilos, you should never link to something like that, but leading up to yom hadin?

  2. What's up with all of these people lecturing you Rafi? Is this an Elul thing?

  3. i guess. it is amazing how nasty it gets over there on something so mundane and perhaps even trivial


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