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Sep 15, 2011

Will David Ben Gurion Bring The Salvation (From The Thugs)?

Will David Ben Gurion be the person who finds a solution to the problem of the thugs of Bet Shemesh (and Jerusalem)?

Uh, David Ben Gurion, former Prime Minister of Israel and one of the founding fathers, has been dead for a fairly long time. How is he going to solve our problems?

Haaretz is reporting that the organization that has been fighting against the phenomenon of yeshiva students not serving in the army has announced that they have discovered a letter Ben Gurion wrote in 1963 in which he expresses regret over an earlier decision he had made.

In 1949 Ben Gurion gave an exemption from army service to yeshiva students. There is a famous story of how Ben Gurion met with the Chazon Ish that led to his agreement in granting the exemption. The exemption at the time applied to 400 yeshiva students.

As of 2010 there were over 62,000 receiving exemptions from army service (deferments, really).

They recently discovered, not that this has any legal standing, that in 1963 David Ben Gurion sent a letter to then Prime Minister Levi Eshkol in which Ben Gurion wrote "I do not think you need my advice regarding matters of State, and I do not intend to give advice, but the rampage of the extremists has crossed all boundaries. I think that I am responsible in part for this by having granted the army exemptions to the yeshiva students. I did so when their numbers were small, but they are continuing to increase. Their disturbances are a great danger to the honor of the State. We cannot appear to the world like Alabama or South Africa.

I recommend that any yeshiva student over the age of 18 who will be caught at illegal gatherings, throwing stones and rampaging against other civilians, or any other form of violence, should be immediately drafted into the army and serve the full 30 month service (RG: army service was shorter back then) as a regular soldier, and not in a religious capacity."

While Ben Gurion's regret might have had no legal ramifications and he could no longer go back and change history, this could be used as a solution to the increasing violence we are seeing from the thugs as they continue to get bolder in their demands, whether it is attempts at taking over school buildings, enforcing their own standards on public bus lines, destroying property of people who do not accept their dictates and the like.

While throwing the thugs in jail has been proven to be ineffective, and even counter-productive as they consider it a badge of honor of sorts, and their friends then riot and get them out of jail fairly quickly, perhaps tossing a few into army service will frighten the rest into living like semi-normal people.


  1. In 1962 Ben Gurion was still PM and not Eshkol

  2. yes, but in 1963 Levi Eshkol was Prime minister...

  3. speaking of which, I wonder why only in 1963 did Ben Gurion express his regrets and not a year earlier when he was still prime minister and could have acted on them? did he only wait until he could pass the buck to someone else?

  4. thanks Shimon. I first wrote 1963 which was correct. In the 2nd spot I wrote 1962. corrected now.

  5. I think a better idea is if they are getting say an Arnona discount. If they are arrested the home which they are living in loses that discount. If they change their address it still stays off where they lived and where they are moving to.
    Lets hit them where their pocket is.

  6. I don't think arming them with army issue rifles is the solution.

  7. I wouldn't want any of those characters anywhere near me in the army (if I were still serving).

  8. they could be made into jobniks. give them jobs like cleaning the toilets.

    they could be dealt a very difficult basic training. maybe under an especially tough commander.
    Who knows, the army has "converted" a lot of people and turned them into disciplined and responsible folk. Maybe it would do so for them as well.

    But even if not, just a tough training system would be enough to work them over a bit. they also would not have any standing left in their community when they finished or got weekends off.

  9. Great idea!

    And it doesn't matter what you do the ones you catch. What matters is how the ones that you don't catch behave after seeing a few examples made.

  10. " We cannot appear to the world like Alabama or South Africa."

    This greast Zionist even with his state for 20 years , is still worried about the goyim A Shanda far da goyim


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