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Sep 25, 2011

Shaking Hands With Women Is a No-No

Shaking hands with women is a no-no, and not just in Orthodox Judaism. In Iran as well, men are not supposed to shake hands with women.

The Iranian Men's Volleyball team apologized after shaking hands with a woman referee after a recent match. The hand-shaking incident caused quite a stir in the home country, as the public display of indecency raised the ire of many.

The volleyball match had been between the Iranian team and a team from Afghanistan, and the referee, a female, was from some country that does not have enough vowels to be pronounced in English (Kyrgyzstan). I would have really liked to see this story with a referee from the United States, or even from Israel!

They quickly apologized for their mistake. The apology is expected to have been just enough for them to escape execution upon returning to Iran.

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