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Sep 19, 2011

IDF Confrontation with Bar Mitzvah Boy in Jerusalem (video)

IDF Confrontation with Bar Mitzvah Boy in Jerusalem

Here is a nice video from Akiva...

What happens when a bar mitzvah boy and his family run into a secular Israeli army (IDF) unit, both on the way to the Kotel (Western Wall) in the Old City, Jerusalem?


  1. Great vid.

    Why do you describe them as a "Secular army unit", many had kipot, and even those that didn't were happy to sing that they are "Maminim Bnei Maaminim".

    There are very few secular Jews in Israel; all the soldiers in the IDF are kadosh (opposite of Chiloni).

  2. that was the description on the youtube video. I didnt write it.. Question directed to Akiva...

  3. Michael,

    A few had kippot. The vast majority were in the Old City on their way to the Kotel without kippot. That says to me in daily life most of these young men are coming from non-observant homes.

    Of course, even (most) non-observant young men in Israel still have received some tanach education and some holiday education and observance as a cultural aspect.

    The IDF certainly is (generally) doing a tremendous mitzvah, defending the land and the lives of the people living here. Whether that makes them kadosh or not is a separate religious discussion and position.

  4. Great video, but please delete the word "confrontation" immediately. Call it a meeting or almost anything else that doesn't have a negative connotation in English.

  5. The video is okey, there were facts given thoroughly!


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