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Sep 20, 2011

Mayim Bialik Stands Out At The Emmy's

Fashion is everything in Hollywood and at the recent Emmy's Mayim Bialik, a religious Jewish actress who has played Blossom and currently stars in The Big Bang Theory, has been noticed for her modest dress.

From Reuters:
Mayim Bialik in her mostly modest dress
Playing up one of the most popular colors of the fall season, the red carpet was awash in a variety of crimson and scarlet dresses at the Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday.

"One of fall's hottest trend colors is crimson, and the stars didn't miss a beat on the Emmy's red carpet this year," said style expert Sam Saboura, citing Lea Michele, Kate Winslet, Nina Dobrev, Kerry Washington and Adrianne Palicki among the many stars wearing the bold color.

Even actor Allan Cumming opted for the hue, wearing red pants with his tuxedo jacket.

Additionally, bright blues and aquas -- showcased during this past week's Fashion Week as colors to wear next spring -- showed up on stars like Cobie Smulders, Claire Danes and Amy Poehler.

"Sleeves were everywhere," observed fashion watcher Shara Koplowitz. "Actresses wore sleeves that best accentuated their arms."

That meant short sleeves on Michele, Poehler and Gwyneth Paltrow, capped sleeves on Winslet and Christine Baranski, and long sleeves on Laura Linney, Melissa McCarthy, Loretta Devine, Jayma Mays and Mayim Bialik.

For Bialik, wearing long sleeves was not a fashion choice, but a religious one.

"I'm a Jewish person, and for me, my goal was to try and cover up at least to the elbows, and (a hem that goes) all the way to the ground," said the "Big Bang Theory" actress. "I'm a modest dresser, so I was looking for something that wasn't strapless."

With the inordinate amount of sleeves came less jewelry. "The more dress you have on, the less jewelry you wear," said Koplowitz. "You can't go for flash. It has to be understated."
Good for Mayim. She has shown she can remain true to her ideals while continuing to do live her life.

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