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Sep 26, 2011

Stephen Colbert Talks With Jeremy Ben Ami About Palestinian Statehood (video)

Stephen Colbert spoke to Jeremy Ben Ami, president of J Street, regarding the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations. I must say, I enjoyed Colbert as always, and was mildly surprised by Ben Ami - he was not nearly as bad as I expected...


  1. Man, I don't think anyone loves Jews more than Colbert.

  2. I didn't follow his vision for Jerusalem. First he denies that he's in favor of a divided Jerusalem, instead labeling his view "shared" Jerusalem. Then he described that shared Jerusalem means the western side for the Jews and the eastern side for the Arabs. How is that not divided?

  3. I would guess that he means the city would be shared by the populations, but the capitals would be split, with the Israeli capital being west and Palestinian in East J. Maybe the city would be open though for residents of both sides to access the other.


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