Jan 31, 2013

Britain's Hidden Child Abuse - London's Orthodox Jewish Community (video)

Here is the video of the expose aired last night on Channel 4. I am pleased they pointed out in the middle that the Jewish orthodox community is no worse in regards to child abuse than any other community, and their investigation is in regards to how it is dealt with..

I don't get how this fellow was able to ask the rabbis his questions and they were willing to answer him straight out without suspecting that this irreligious fellow has ulterior motives. Why would they think he is asking for genuine advice?

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  1. What's the big deal?

    One of our own "big" rabbonim is also on tape as saying not to go to the police as he doesn't trust them.

    Wake up people..this is the Charedi shitta!

    No News4 broadcast will change their attitude or the stupidity of those who follow them.

    This is why they don't care who asks what. They know well that it won't make a bit of difference in the long run.

  2. Perhaps they weren't suspicious because this isn't the first time people came to them with similar questions?

  3. Perhaps.
    What I think is unusual about it is that Rav Padwa is not just any local rabbi that someone might approach with a question. He is the head of England's equivalent to Israel's Eida Chareidis. why would a non-religious person go to him to ask such a sensitive and personal question, a question that he surely knew the answer to already.
    Perhaps it is more common than I think.

  4. Remember he wasn't always "non religious". Padwa might assume that he is coming through him to protect his family that is still Charedi.

  5. We should direct Channel Four to Ramat Beit Shemesh.

    Both Rav Malinowitz and Rav Kornfeld spoke to the women of their kehillos about child abuse and told them "come to me" - NOT to the police. They are both recorded.

    Rav Padwas are a dime a dozen here.

  6. Around 20 years ago, I was joking with a colleague about what slogan to use for our company. One was "no worse than the rest". For Jews, that would be a negation of our mission to excel and lead.


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