Jan 21, 2013

Elections from the perspective of a 6 year old

After I walked with my little boy past a wall of many election posters, mostly for UTJ and for SHAS, our discussion went like this:

S6 (son, 6 years old): Dad, we are Gimmel, right?
Me: ok
S6: Who is the kadosh (holy one)?
Me: That was Rav Oavdiah.
S6: Which one is the kadosh with?
Me: Shas
S6: What's Shas?
Me: The party for haredi sephardim
S6: what's Gimmel?
Me: The party for haredi ashkenazim
s6: maybe we should be with the kadosh... the tzaddik
Me: Maybe. Good idea. Its always good to be with a tzaddik...

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