Jan 20, 2013

Interesting Posts #445

1. an inbalanced look at the Orthodox jewish working mother

2. Blowing up the Dome of the Rock vs Wiping Israel off the map

3. Craigslist Shabbat dinner invite

4. how will the mosque be removed?

5. Israeli elections prayer

6. Rav Brevda: an unpopular gadol

7. Bet Shemesh rah-rah for Bennet

8. Why Yair Lapid disgusts me

9. Israeli elections according to Dry Bones

10. Politically maturing

11. photos of a Jewish family from another disappearing Jewish community in the Moslem world

12. what Jews find funny

13. you want to be a successful frum pop star?

14. isnt wearing a wig over hair pointless?

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1 comment:

  1. american yeshivos dont vote



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