Jan 27, 2013

Interesting Posts #448

1. Real colors of Jerusalem, Israel

2. discovering Jerusalem

3. 6 spiritual lessons from Words With Friends

4. Roshei yeshiva upset at promises of yeshuos and shidduchim for donations..

5. this is going to be fun (coalition building)

6. Israel cannot be a normal country

7. setting a shul poster policy

8. does a pomegranate really have 613 seeds?

9. A funny thing happened at the Kotel - Women of the Wall went to daven at the Kotel, with their tallitot, and nobody cared - because it was not Rosh Chodesh

10. random reflections on election results

11. the orlah man

12. seeing the daily miracles

13. Bibi's choice 

14. the tznius chase

15. Yair Lapid's catch 33

16. Britain's Channel 4 is about to show an investigative report on molestation on the haredi world of England.. Dayan Padwa is trying to deny an accusation that will feature in the show with a recording of him covering up such a situation

17. I Am Haredi - this is a bit old, just a few months, but I just became aware of it today...

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