Jan 27, 2013

Dov Lipman election day images (video)

Rabbi Dov Lipman is now about to become the first MK from Bet Shemesh, which is very exciting and an honor for the city. We wish him much success in the Knesset, and that he not forget us little folk and leave us behind, but that he continue to work to make Bet Shemesh better.

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  1. Interestingly in contrast to your wishes that he not forget Beit Shemesh, in Hadash local Chareidi leaders whilst wishing him well, said they hoped he would now have too much on his mind nationally, to be active at all on the local scene, and would leave them alone. Well, I am happy to tell you, and sorry to disappoint them, that I read in one of the local papers, that he is to open a local parliamentary bureau, where people can come to him with their issues for him to try to solve, and I imagine the usual issues of Beit Shemesh will be high on the list.

  2. I saw both of those items.
    I wasnt referring to anything specific locally, while the charedi reps speaking in Chadash were. He made life difficult for them, especially when he was one of those who led the fight back against the attempt to take over the orot Banot school building, along with leading many protests and petitions against expansion in RBS C, D and others. I get they dont like him. I figure that when they need someone to turn to to continue pressing for the renovation of highway 38, and other local issues that will surely come up, Dov Lipman will be one of the MKs approached.

  3. If Israel would adopt a constituency-style elections system, each with its own MK, rather than treating the entire country as one constituency with 120 MKs, the representation of local interests in the Knesset would be much more efficient - and just.

    Before any of the usual naysayers say it would not work, they would do well to look at the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, Japan (continued on page 193)


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