Jan 20, 2013

this is a long quote for QOTD, but there was nothing better, nothing more provocative, over the weekend. not even Tzippi Livki's elevator attack on Naftali Bennet, not even anythign from the Tzippi Livni attack on Jeremy Gimpel or any of the responses...

There are some people who think they are religious. Mafdal, they call themselves the Mafdal. Who are these people who call themselves "The jewish Home"? It is not a home of Jews. It is a house of gentiles. They want to uproot the Torah, to make civil marriage, to operate public transportation on Shabbos. These are religious people? It is prohibited to call them religious. it is prohibited to vote for them. Whomever votes for them is a denier of the Torah....

They are all haters of the Torah, haters of mitzvos, they want to make public transportation on Shabbos, they are sinners and cause others to sin, they want to make mixtures - a Jew who wants to get married, they won't give him the Rabbanut, they want the Ministry of Religious Affairs to marry them. They want to make civil marriage. Did you hear about that? How can you be mistaken that they are religious? Among them are MKs that are complete deniers, completely secular. How can you go with them? ...

I turn from the depths of my heart to any person who fears God, who believes in God, who believes in the holy Torah - just about all the Sephardim are like this. They all believe in Hashem. I turn to them with all expressions of endearment, my children, my friends, my beloved, don't give your hand to those who throw off the yoke. Do all you can to strengthen the Torah, by choosing our party... Because he has a small kippa on his head, like his eyes, and makes himself as if he is religious, so that is religious?   they say they will choose him because he is religious... Jewish Home? We are the jewish home, we have a mezuza, the Council of Torah Sages..

  -- Rav Ovadia Yosef

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  1. "like his eyes" ??
    isn't that a little unseemly to be poking at another's physical appearance?

  2. Statements like this and from other "gedolim" who turn and election into sinas Yisroel creates a bigger Chilul HaShem than anyone can imagine.

    There was no need to belittle his kippa and eyes. Most of the voters of Shas wear no kippa at all.

    Religion and politics shouldn't mix.


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