Jan 30, 2013

Interesting Posts #450

1. remember the subway saxophonist who was playing Jewish music? JHC discovered more info about him

2. Ambassador Shapiro, the Football Fan

3. the frum blogger who wanted shlishi -  I accept stories that are made up as a parable to teach a specific lesson. When it is not a parable but an attempt to teach a lesson through the made-up story, the lesson is as specious as the story.

4. a skirt-wearer talks back

5. Blood, sweat and fears

6. suspended for singing

7. the unsung heroines

8. the Bogeyman hiding in the shower

9. Why God Cares about the Superbowl

10. Why a Jew wont find truth in India

11. female soldiers doing Temple Rituals on Temple Mount

12. A thought on Betar Jerusalem

13. So many women on the Temple Mount

14. The beauty of the "ugly side" of Israelis

15. Smart Voting -  I disagree with the premise. While I agree people should vote Likud rather than small parties, it is for different reasons. If one is inclined to vote for small or sectorial parties, I believe they should find the party they most closely identify with and vote for them, and not worry whether or not the party will cross the threshold..

16. Who is Yair Lapid? - all those details might be correct, but Lapid's political future will not depend on any of that. It will depend on whether or not he successfully fulfills his campaign promises and is successful in Knesset and as a minister. If he continues to be popular, and does what he promised to do, people will ignore all the details mentioned by Jameel. If not, his future is doomed.

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1 comment:

  1. We thought the saxophonist was on his way to play as part of a Jewish wedding band.


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