Jan 30, 2013

Quote of the Day

In the next elections I will run for the prime ministership.  I expect to [win].... 
I tried calling [Bennet] and the phone went to an answering service. The operator asked what message to leave for Naftali. I told her, ‘Tell him Yair Lapid is looking for him.’ To which she responded ‘What about?’ That moment, when you realize that not everybody is concerned with you, gives you some perspective,” he said....
[international media mentioning Lapid had been listed as one of Israel's sexiest men] are out of date. The last time I was voted on that list was 20 years ago. Today I am closer to being one of the sexiest retirees. But it was nice of them. And it pleased Lihi [his wife] to hear that.

  -- MK-elect (and seemingly Minister-elect) Yair Lapid, in an interview about the electiosn

the rest is cute, but the first line above has drawn some criticism... Lapid is getting ahead of himself if he is already talking about becoming prime minister in the next elections.. He ran a successful campaign, and he got great results from it, but he needs to be a bit more humble, get some political experience, see how thigns work, and actually succeed at what he has promised to do before he can expect people to vote him in as prime minister!

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  1. Why? He became the 2nd largest party in Israel with no political experience. He may become the Foreign Minister or Finance Minister with NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE.

    Clearly knowing how things work or being experienced at delivering ANYTHING is no longer a requirement to take control of the government (in Israel or in the U.S.)

  2. yes, he did. and now he should concentrate on doing a good job. especially if he wants to continue growing and eventually become prime minister. instead of worrying about that now, he should work on getting experience and doing a good job. if he is focused on the wrong thing he will end up doing a lousy job and go the way of all the centrist parties before him...


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