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Sep 9, 2013

Hassidic models pushing out scantily clad models

This is just too strange...

It seems that American Apparel is moving, with the New Year, to a more tzniyus approach to advertising. Move over scantily clad models, it is the Satmar Hassid's time in the sun!

While I am not quite sure what Yoel Weisshaus is advertising for American Apparel, as they do not sell shtreimels, and I don't think they sell standard hassidic dress, he has appeared on their most recent advertisements published as of this past Rosh Hashana.

The images can be seen on the American Apparel tumblr page:

Weisshaus is described as being a peasant with chutzpah, perhaps what attracted them to him int he first place, as he is also behind a lawsuit over high tolls in New York and New Jersey. Weisshaus can be seen talking about that on his own website.
There are more detailed descriptions of Weisshaus and the campaign with American Apparel on The Daily Beast, the Independent, and Heeb Magazine among others..

Very strange... but more power to him.. I hope they pay him well for his modeling..

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1 comment:

  1. Been there, done that.

    Google "Yankl Diamond." He was often the focus of Borough Park Fashion Week during the late '80's.


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