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Sep 16, 2013

PSA: how tourists can buy gas masks in Israel

Not to create a panic, but over the years I have been asked this question many times and never had an answer until now. So, I decided to post it, thinking maybe it will help some people, maybe it will make it easier for some people to decide to visit Israel and enjoy calmly their visit.

In light of the recent rush for gas masks, many people here cannot get them and feel frightened that they are being left unprotected. Whether it is tourists here for a short visit or people who live here without Israeli citizenship. When Israel gives out gas masks to the public, they only give out to citizens. Tourists are the last to receive them, and then only at the last moment, when war actually breaks out, and then they can't necessarily be counted on to get the information out well (based on what i remember from the Gulf War).
tourists dont wait in line, but they do have to pay

So, tourists or non-citizen residents, looking to buy gas masks privately, here is some helpful information for you. Thanks to the people who went to get their gas masks from these places and were able to then give me the information..

Shalon Chemical Industries, 2 Kaplan st. 10th floor, Tel Aviv. 03-695-7191. look for Riki (spoke English).

The have a factory in Kiryat Gat, which is is a bit more complicated to find, but they also had masks for people with beards.
Address: 35/2 Israel Pollak road, Kiryat Gat. name of factory is Shalon (it is near the Sugat sugar factory - there are a number of locations on that road). 08-687-9111. speak to Adi. if going to Shalon in Kiryat Gat, you have to call in advance to make sure they have it, and you have to tell them to put it on the side for you, and tell them you are coming. (they dont normally sell from there to to the public).

if you need the one for people with a beard, you have to be either old or say you have asthma. they  seemingly dont just give them out for people with beards.

The gas mask costs 400 NIS, the one for beards cost 800 NIS.

There is also a place in Netanya called Fire Center, located at 1 HaMelacha st. in the new Industrial Zone of Netanya, phone number 09-8355212.

I am told they are more expensive at Fire Center, but Fire Center will mail the masks to you, which Shalon will not do.

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  1. So basically people with beards have to lie to get a gas mask? Don't they have an accurate estimate of people with beards? (And I'm assuming women with beardlike growth can use the standard one.)

  2. it seems yes. according to what I was told, they wont give it if you say you are buying for someone with a beard. I dont know why they care, but that is not the official use for these masks and that is not how they sell it.

    truth is though, that I really know nothing more than what I wrote. I got this information from someone who went to both locations and related to me what happened. anythign beyond what I wrote in the post is conjecture.


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