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Sep 8, 2013

Police chief says Jewish prayer is allowed on Har Habayit

Are things changing on Har Habayit or is the Israeli police trying to make it look like everything is ok and the people complaining are just troublemakers?

In an interview with the Israel Hayom newspaper, the Chief of Police, Yohanan Danino, said that

Danino said that Har Habayit is one of their most sensitive tasks.. it is an explosive situations and the slightest thing can become a huge incident... then he says "Many times you hear, and I will not mention names of this MK or the other, that want freedom of access to pray on Har Habayit. Who is bothering them? There is already freedom of access. There is no need to use slogans. Every Jew that wants to pray on Har Habayit is able to pray on Har Habayit - but only at the designated times..."

Either Danino is lying to make the public think everything is ok, or the policy has changed. Since the police still do not actually let jews pray on Har Habayit, I think every Jew going to ascend Har Habayit who wishes to pray should print the copy of the interview - when the police officer instructs the Jews that they are not allowed to pray, they should take out the paper and demand the right as stated by the chief of police. The answer might be "now is not the designated time", but the police should be made to answer for this - announce when the designated time is, and whenever it is, prayer should be allowed.

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  1. Today (the day before erev YK) I went up on Har Habayit - despite the tensions that were reported from there during the last few days. When I asked the policeperson about the prayer-ruling, he told me that according to the Supreme Court ruling, prayer is allowed on Har Habayit -- but that the police has the right to forbid for security reasons! Go argue with that!

  2. It's like the US is committed to moving its embassy to Jerusalem...but now's not the right time.


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