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Sep 12, 2013

Picture of the Day

photo credit: Yaakov Lederman
1. standoff at the Kapparot Corral
2. Chicken vs Dog
3. Why did you cross the road?
4. the great kapparot escape
5. They wanted to use you too for kapparot?

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  1. 1) Dog: Can't wait for the שוחט to mess up the שחיטה so that he can fulfil the Mitzva of לכלב תשליכון אותו!!!

    2) Chicken: Why is my cousin Moishe plastered on that poster?
    Dog: You don't wanna know, kid.

    3) Chicken: OK, here's my plan. As soon as they start waving me around, you jump out of nowhere...

  2. I thought the POTD was the Abutbol campaign posters on a background of garbage on the floor and dogs running around on the loose ;)


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