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Sep 29, 2013

Shark attack off Ashdod coast

If you thought the most dangerous part of swimming in the Mediterranean along the cost of Israel was getting stung by jellyfish, it is time to upgrade your scare factor.

A young man in the waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Ashdod was just attacked this morning by a shark probably in the Great White Shark family (of the few species of sharks found in the Mediterranean, this shark is among the more common).

Think Jaws.

The fellow was working in a fish farm, checking the traps, 11km off the coast, and when he stuck his hand in the water, he was bitten by the shark. He was bitten in the hand. and after receiving medical attention and being taken to the hospital, part of his hand was amputated.

Refuah Shleimah.

Does anybody import shark repellent yet?

I wonder if this is an Egyptian shark or a Turkish shark? Or maybe Iranian or Syrian.. It is surely a spy for one of the Islamist countries. This must be retribution for the original Zionist shark.. the Muslims are upping their game and showing that they too can recruit the animal kingdom to its sides.

Even with this new threat it still seems that swimming off the coast is not quite as dangerous as driving on the roads...

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