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Sep 8, 2013

Quote of the Day

Supposedly the Iranian president Hassan Rohani, sent out wishes to Jewish Iranians for a Shana Tova via his Twitter account. Initially the tweet was looked upon as a sign that the Iranians under their new leadership have gone more moderate and are now less of a threat than previously thought. The tweet was later deleted, and the Iranians deny the wishes came from Rohani.

After the tweet was sent out, Prime Minister Netanyahu said the following:

I am not impressed by blessings from the regime that just last week threatened to destroy the State of Israel. The Iranian regime will be judged on its actions and not on its good wishes whose entire purpose is to distract from the fact that even after the elections he continues to enrich uranium and is building a plutonium reactor with the objective of developing nuclear weapons that will threaten the State of Israel and the entire world.
The international community cannot grab onto illusions, but must demand actions and not words. Get rid of the enriched uranium, dismantle the illegal facility in Kum, and stop building the plutonium reactor.

  -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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