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Sep 11, 2013

Interesting Posts #512

1.  coming to Israel for the holidays or for a visit during the long winter?  Nes Mobile for your cellular phone and mobile internet needs

2. 5773 sure was a year of squabbles

3. and they got it all wrong..

4. the Weiner incident in the kosher bakery

5. a short story for Yom Kippur

6. photos from our army's magazine

7. turning them on!

8. let them swing their chickens - I agree

9. the Newark Bears Orthodox batboy

10. erev yom kippur in Jerusalem

11. k'negged kulam

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    Today I put up another Weiner post, Anthony Weiner's Day of Judgment.

    BTW, 512 = 1/2 K

  2. there are certain issues, like kapparot, kitniyot, uman, maybe others about which the modern orthodox loose all of their vaunted tolerance.


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