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Sep 17, 2013

Not every accident should be blamed on the road

There was a horrible head-on collision yesterday on Highway 38 that resulted in two tragic deaths. It once again raised the issue of why Highway 38 has not yet been upgraded and improved, considering it was originally designed to service a city of 15,000 residents that now actually contains 85,000+ residents, with thousands more on their way...

Besides for the fact that the upgrade project is almost underway - tenders have been issued and I think things should start to move within 4 months, even had the 38 already been upgraded to a beautiful road years ago, the accident would probably not have been prevented. This specific accident happened near Givat Yeshayahu. The upgrade of 38 is only supposed to be from Shaar Ha'Gay until Bet Shemesh and will not include the section of the highway past 38 - where the accident was.

While the 38 is really an inadequate and dangerous road, not all accidents happen because of the road. One can be a great driver, but if the driver across from you, beside you, behind you, or  in front of you, is not, you can still get into an accident. if someone falls asleep at the wheel and heads at you straight on, even if you are a very careful driver, there might be almost nothing you can do about it. If someone else is texting while driving, you can be a great driver.. There are endless types of scenarios in which anything can happen and there are no guarantees, even on the best of roads.

Drive safely, and be alert. Not every accident should be blamed on the road, as lousy as it is.

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