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Oct 27, 2019

10/26/19 - Show 243 - Is Open Orthodoxy Orthodox (audio)

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  1. The question itself answers itself 'Is Open Orthodoxy Orthodox'? Of course not, Orthodox means complete, rigid obedience, therefore, how can it be 'orthodox' if it is open to all kinds of interpretations. They have been thrown out of the Orthodox rabbinical associations. They're worse than the 'Reform' because the reform admit they they are definitely not orthodox, therefore, they're saying like it is, but these guys are trying to fool the uninformed by saying they're orthodox.

  2. why did they choose to only broadcast it now it is an old interview?

  3. Prof. Noah Bickart of JTS wrote in response to Daniel Gordis that, “It may be an unpopular opinion to my many friends and colleagues, but when .. the haredi press excoriate the “Open Orthodox” Yeshivat Chovevei Torah as in fact “Conservative,” I am offended by their mean-spiritedness, but the truth is that I fundamentally agree”.
    In the November, 2013 Times of Israel article titled, “Conservative Judaism may be failing but its ideas are not” , Judah Skoff wrote, “ If the Conservative brand must fade, then let Conservative ideas re-assert themselves in new forms, with new movements and in new ways…”. In an article titled “Conservative Movement’s Impact On The Left And Right”,(1/14 Jewish Week), a Conservative rabbi wrote, “I am sanguine that Conservative Judaism lives because much of its take on tradition and change has leaked into .. Orthodoxy.


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