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Oct 10, 2019

thoughts from the candyman on Yom Kippur

I asked the candyman a few questions during Yom Kippur, and thought what he had to say was interesting and worth sharing..

To start, the candyman asked the rabbi if it is appropriate or not to give out candy on Yom Kippur to kids not fasting. The Rabbi responded that it is very appropriate to give out candy, as it is  yom tov - and the rabbi added to give out as much candy as possible because of it being a yom tov.

I noticed the candyman giving outs lots of candy during Neilah, more and more as Neilah went on, and it was to kids who had already gotten, and they kept coming back for more. I asked the candyman why. He said We are in the middle of Neilah and we are begging God to give us things - forgiveness, life, health, parnassa, and all sorts of things we don't necessarily deserve. "How can I say no to the children, when we want God to say yes to us?"

The Candyman added that he took a lesson from the kids as well. He did not announce he was giving candy freely. The kids just picked up on it, some more than others. The kids just kept coming back for more. He said that as some of the kids just kept coming back every few minutes for another candy, we have to plead with God the same way for what we want, even though we already did and even though we really do not deserve it, as the gates are closing. Just keep asking. God wants to give (hopefully). Just keep asking. Ask for more and for more and keep asking.

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