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Oct 24, 2019

Gefilte bPita please

According to this article in Globes, the latest up and coming Israeli street food is gefilte fish in pita. the toppings are chrein, horseradish, and carrot, of course, but can also include pretty much anything else the consumer might be daring enough to try.

Sounds a little crazy to me. Almost a no-no. But who knows? Maybe it is surprisingly good!

And I am almost tempted to find the place that put this together and try it..

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  1. P'tcha in a blanket
    Schmaltz herring burrito
    Matjes Herring Taco
    Chopped liver egg-roll
    Spinach Kugel in a sugar cone
    Re-fried chulent
    Chulent Kreplach
    Kishka stress relief ball

  2. and no matter how many crazy food ideas you come up with, someone will eventually surprise us with another even crazier idea

    1. What are you talking about? That's the Kosherfest menu!

    2. To LFD -- no. The next week's Forward article. Extra points if it comes from a trendy but not kosher restaurants. (Trendy means Forward's definition of trendy.)

  3. How about Gefilte fish bourekas?

  4. Deep fried gefilte fish on a stick

  5. Isn't chrein horseradish? What's the difference?


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