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Oct 29, 2019

opening the butter market to restock the shelves

the great butter saga of 2019 might finally be coming to an end!

For months there has been a butter shortage in Israel. The widely accepted reason is that because butter is price controlled in Israel, the manufacturers prefer to export the butter to Europe and other places where they can profit more off it rather than sell it locally at a controlled price with less profit. So, little butter has been sold in Israel over the past year. Whenever a supermarket gets a box or two of butters, lucky consumers present at the time snap up as much as possible, leaving the shelf empty almost immediately. Some shops have begun to limit the amount of sticks of butter any one consumer can purchase at a time.

I was actually somewhat surprised to see the frustration and desperation of so many people over the butter situation. We hardly use butter, and I thought butter is considered unhealthy nowadays and is discouraged in general and only used minimally. I was surprised to see so many people desperate for so much butter!

Anyways, the shortage might finally be coming to an end. Minister of Economy and Trade Eli Cohen has given the order to open up the imports market for butter without import taxes. Cohen believes that opening the butter market to competition by canceling the import tax will induce other companies to sell their butter in Israel.
source: Kipa

So soon enough you might see the return of your valuable butter to the stores of Israel.

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1 comment:

  1. Or, you know, they could just cancel the price controls on the local stuff. But apparently that's too far out of the box for these minds.


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