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Oct 31, 2019

MoA using fake immigrants to encourage aliya

The Times of Israel is reporting a strange story. The Ministry of Absorption ran a campaign promoting aliyah to Israel. In the campaign they, supposedly, spoke to various immigrants about how they have made a successful life in Israel, some despite hardships they might have encountered.

As part of the campaign, they posted to the various social media platform images of immigrants they had spoken to with short blurbs from each about how they love it here in Israel.

What is strange about this is that the immigrants they included in the campaign are all made up and fake, as are the quotes and blurbs.

Instead of speaking to actual immigrants and taking their pictures, contacting them via Nefesh bNefesh or the Jewish Agency, via their Facebook or Instagram pages, they just made a bunch of people up, using stock images form the Internet!

While I am tempted to call this supreme laziness. in essence it was probably more work to make up all these personalities and quotes than it would have been to speak to a few actual immigrants!

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1 comment:

  1. Actually, it would probably been difficult to get the ultra positive responses they would want from actual olim! Complaining is the national pastime!


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