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Oct 7, 2019

Facebook Status of the Day

Let the new year begin with its repairings :-)The truth is this happened a week ago, and it has been banging around my head to do this, and now the opportunity arose. A week ago we drove to Jerusalem for selichos at the Kotel. It was 3am. As we were leaving to head back to Tiberias, my friend and I discovered a puncture in the tire.While we are standing there helpless - a couple of young women who do not even know to fill up the air - we notice a couple of men and call tot hem for help. They approach and immediately I identified them as Hanan Ben Ari and his musician. We immediately apologized and said we'll manage.Before we could even finish the sentence, the two of them already had the jack in hand. It was then 40 minutes filled with humor, good vibes and fun. Without a doubt, it was only because of them that we made it back to Tiberias safely.I am a school teacher., and the next morning I told my students about what happened the night before. For one to brag about Hanan Ben Ari and his musician changing my tire, but also to share with them a life lesson I experienced - we are all people, equals. Even if we have performances in front of hundreds of people, and also if we have thousands of followers on Instagram. We are a nation of people looking out for each other - especially in these days. Hanan Ben Ari and his musician - you are definitely champions of the world!!! Gmar Chasima Tova to everyone.

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