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Oct 22, 2019

Facebook Status of the Day

As the holiday concludes and a moment before the second hakafot begin, I want to tell you about something that moved me this morning. I went with my family to the hakafot in the Heichal Hachaim shul of Neve Avivim. This is a Sephardic shul founded by Avner Sharki z"l, among others. A valuable Jew who at one time was the head of the Mafdal. From there we went to the new shul of Ramat Aviv Gimmel. At the opening ceremony of the shul I had promised to come back during the holidays, and the time has arrived to fulfill the promise.Now, listen well to the following piece of information, as it is amazing, in my eyes, and also gives me goosebumps. Ramat Aviv Gimmel is the neighborhood with the highest Jewish population in the world that had no shul, and this year a shul was opened there, after tens of years of trying unsuccessfully amid many struggles. This is a shul of sephardim and Ashkenazim together. Shai Agnon in Tmol Shilshom prophesied that this day would eventually arrive - there won't be a single neighborhood without a shul". And now, behold, a shul has been inaugurated here.When I went into the shul, just at that moment, there was a group of children that stood on the platform and sang the prayer for the welfare of the IDF soldiers to the tune of Eretz Tzvi. Their singing was fabulous and special. I had goosebumps. I am confident that next year, during the holidays, this shul will be packed with people, and I have no doubt that the prayer of the children will be accepted and arrive in the highest of worlds, just as it entered our hearts.

I would point out that Ayelet Shaked is not religious...

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  1. Actually Avner Shaki. What is the connection with Ayelet Shaked? She is wonderful. Although secular, she shows such respect for religion, and has a deep love of tradition, Jewish identity, and the land of Israel.

  2. "Religious" and "Torah observant" are not synonyms. What makes you think she is not religious?


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