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Apr 13, 2020

Bibi has now gone too far!

PM Benjamin Netanyahu tonight announced new regulations for the Corona lockdown.

Similar to the first night of Pesach, when in an attempt to keep what might be large families getting together for the Pesach seder and spreading the virus amongst each other and causing another mass outbreak similar to the Purim parties, the Prime Minister has set similar full lockdown measures beginning tomorrow afternoon for the last day of the holiday and for the night of the Mimouna celebrations. Again, this is to prevent parties and family dinners in which people would get together and spread the virus back and forth.

It was one thing shutting us down for the seder and making so many people have their seder alone. It is one thing to celebrate the final day of the holiday again alone. It is one thing to shut down the Mimouna celebrations and prevent the traditional post-Pesach communal celebrations.

It is entirely another thing to disallow the bakeries from opening on Wednesday night after the holiday to prevent masses of people going out to buy chametz in too-close quarters. It is entirely another thing to make us eat matza for another night or even day or two, depending on when he lets the bakeries re-open. Bibi - you have now gone too far!

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  1. ... this is satire, right?

  2. he really made the rule of no bakeries on Wednesday night, if that is your question

  3. I meant about calling it "going too far" to prevent people from crowding into bakeries with dozens of strangers.


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