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Apr 30, 2020

What should De Blasio have said about the funeral in Williamsburg?

Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio came under criticism for a tweet he sent.

Caveat: I have no idea if DeBlasio is doing a good or bad job at anything. I do not know if he is popular and well-liked or not. I do not know if he is good for the Jews or bad for the Jews.

Mayor de Blasio tweeted about a hassidishe funeral from Williamsburg that broke social distancing regulations and had too many people participating. it was the funeral of hassidic rebbe called the Admor of Tolaas Yaakov, and his followers and adherents crowded to the funeral, drawing the ire of de Blasio.

Here is de Blasio's tweet:

People got upset that the Mayor called out "the Jewish community" when it was really just a problem by a small group of people. This is generalizing and stereotyping, racist and incitement as it will cause people to be angry at the Jews.

I am not going to defend de Blasio, but I would like some clarification.

De Blasio is criticizing a group of people who broke serious health regulations, and he is warning them that this is a serious violation.

What should he have said instead of "Jewish community"? He added "and all communities" - does that not temper it? This violation was by Jews, so why should they not be called out for it? Should he have said the Hassidic community - but that is also generalizing against all Hassidim, many of whom are following the guidelines? Should he have said the Tolaas Yaakov community? Has he even ever heard of them - I never heard of them until this incident. Should he have left it generic - people are breaking the rules and should not as we will enforce - that does not seem to make the point and most people probably would not even know what he was referring to.

What should he have said instead of what he did say?

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  1. He could have said "I just broke up a large gathering for a funeral in Brooklyn. Gatherings of a certain size for any reason will not be tolerated." He did not have to mention the Jewish community, as if the whole community was to blame. That incites people against Jews or gives the impression that the whole Jewish community is not following the rules.

    1 - The funeral itself was coordinated and approved by the NYPD, although it was not planned properly. The idea was that just like people walk in the street with 6 feet of distance between them, they would do so here, and that Shomrim would make sure the entire crowd was wearing masks by handing out masks. The idea was flawed.

    2 - He could just have cracked down on this event and issued summonses and made arrests... He did not have to say anything. Recently there were just as many people gathered together, not socially distanced, in parks, to watch the flyover tribute for our health care workers. But no arrests were made, no summonses were sent, and nothing was said.

    There is a double standard here.

    1. To continue what you say, diBlasio rushed to the scene when he found out about it.
      By then, it was over, and people were leaving,thus no social distancing.
      diBlasio started giving orders, the local police had no choice but to listen to the mayor instead of the plans set up beforehand.

  2. Have you noticed that the Mayor of Baton Rouge has not used that one church holding services as an occasion to scold all protestants?


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