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Apr 22, 2020

Shut It Down!

Thinking about Lag B'Omer some more, it looks as if the government is about to declare another full closure and lockdown for Yom Haatzmaut, similar the lockdown of the first days of Pesach.

Fair enough.

They are concerned about people getting together to celebrate. A lockdown with tight enforcement means people will stay home, or at least almost all will - maybe only the President, PM and other government officials will celebrate with other people.

It makes sense, and it is necessary to avoid another spike, sad as it may be.

That being the case, the government should do exactly the same for Lag B'Omer. Don't allow minimal bonfires at Meron. Don't allow any bonfires at Meron. Meron is not the only problem - Meron will likely be heavily policed to ensure the small groups there adhere to the rules. The problem is that with bonfires at Meron, people will make bonfires all over the country and there will be gatherings and celebrations, even fi the government tries to minimize it.

If they can shut down Yom Haatzmaut, they can shut down Lag B'Omer. For the safety of all of Israel. Rabbi Rabinovitz (or someone else) can make one bonfire with ten people, the way he ran the Pesach Birkat Kohanim. And that's it.

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