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Apr 22, 2020

Proposed Law: Freeze Rental Payments and Reimburse Landlords

According to Globes, there is a proposed law on the table, proposed by MK Ofer Kasif (Joint Arab List) and supported by MKs from Kachol Lavan, UTJ and Meretz, that would cancel all rental payments for homes during the Corona crisis until 60 days after the crisis is considered over. The proposed law states that the State will reimburse and compensate anyone hurt by this freeze on payments - that would largely be the landlords.

Additionally, the proposal states that during this period of crisis there will be no evictions from rental homes for not paying rent.

MK Kasif explains his proposal saying we cannot allow this crisis to put millions of people into deep debt, and to cause people to be thrown out of their homes into the streets. The moves taken by the government until now are going to put millions into debt and cause them to be destitute, to hunger and to living in the streets. It is the State's responsibility to take care of them all, the renters and the landlords who live off their rental income.

It won't pass, but it is a nice thought. It likely would not even help because it would take so long for them to actually try to help, tying it all up in bureaucracy, that the landlords would likely go bankrupt before any financial reimbursements come in.

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