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Apr 27, 2020

even when fighting for a life, the pettiness does not go away

Evacuating a population to hotels (for Corona isolation) is surely going to be difficult, especially when the population insists on everything being exactly the way they ant it, and each person wants something else.

The latest drama is out of one of the hotels being used for isolating Haredi Corona patients.

Some of them complained that they had televisions in their rooms and they wanted them out. After some back and forth, it was decided to take out all the televisions in the entire hotel. Some residents complained because they want to use the televisions int heir rooms, some saying they also have televisions at home. On the one side you have people who want to keep the televisions int heir rooms and on the other side you have people who want no televisions at all in the hotel.

I do not get why a television in Reuven's room needs to bother Shimon, but it does.

When the televisions were removed, some residents contacted Defense Minister Bennett to complain, as the Corona Hotels are under the authority of the Defense Ministry. Bennett looked into it and decided that each person can choose for himself what to do  - those who want it removed can have the television removed and those who want to keep the television can keep it.

Some people did not like that, so they complained to Minister Deri. Deri decided that it was difficult enough to get people to agree to go to the hotels, and by leaving televisions in parts of the hotel, they might decide to leave and go home. To prevent that, all televisions must be removed form the Haredi Corona Hotel, and anyone who wants to have access to the television is welcome to register to switch to a different hotel.
sources: Ynet, Kikar, Behadrei and more

I am happy they all found solutions, until the next thing they are not happy about, such as the people who moved hotels might no longer get mehadrin meals because now they are residing in non mehadrin hotels - do people who watch tv have no right to a mehadrin level of kashrut? And if they did not have televisions, would it be the end of the world? So they'll be bored like everyone else. People hardly need televisions today anyway, as everything is accessible via telephones and laptops..I am happy they, for now have found a solution, but do they all really have to be so petty when fighting for lives?

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  1. Completely unsurprised that Charedim are at the center of this.

  2. Corona can't stopped Avi from hating. Glad to see you are feeling well

    1. You don't have to hate anyone to enjoy watching holier-than-thou zealots show their true colors. Haredim could be on a sinking ship and they'd be arguing over having to sit next to women on the lifeboats.

    2. I don't know who Avi is, and whether he hates Charedim or not, but his observation was simply that - by no names indicative of hatred. As a Charedi myself, I basically agree with what he wrote, unfortunately.

    3. "Haredim could be on a sinking ship and they'd be arguing over having to sit next to women on the lifeboats."
      -Bwahahahahaha ouch,that made me laugh. Frummer than thou is my middle name.

  3. It's like we can't help ourselves. I got a royal finger wagging because I complained that my Rov, who is against outside/porch minyanim gave a shiur about if it could halachically work.
    What was that line in Jurassic Park? Something like stop asking if we could, start asking if we should. It's enough to make you wanna feel sick. And not wit Corona.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ1ESd70KMo&feature=youtu.be

    It's an ethical question


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