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Apr 23, 2020

Philadelphia Cream Cheese now Cholov Yisrael

I saw this in the supermarket...

If you are not sure what is remarkable about Philadelphia Cream Cheese, it is the section on the left side. It has the hechsher (Triangle K-D) on it and underneath the hechsher it says Cholov Yisrael from the time of milking under the hechsher of the Triangle K in the USA and under the authorization of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Say what you want about the Triangle K, that is not the topic of interest here. Rely on it or not, that is your business. The topic of interest here is that I do not recall ever seeing or hearing about Philadelphia Cream Cheese being Cholov Yisrael. The question is really just because it seems out of place. Is it using a different definition of cholov yisrael? is it a special run? I did see that it is imported from Spain rather than the USA (not seen in the picture above), so chances are high that it is a special run.

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  1. Whether or not you rely on the Triangle K is not relevant to whether you should eat this product. This particular product meets the standards of the Chief Rabbinate. That doesn't mean that all Triangle-K products meet that standard, or even that all Philadelphia cheese meets that standard, only that this particular batch was approved by the Chief Rabbinate.

    Same goes for other products, for example the OU generally approves products that may contain Chadash, however the Israeli Rabbinate does not, so if you see a box of cereal with an OU Hechsher approved by the CR, that particular box of cereal does not contain Chadash, even if the same product sold in the US with an OU may have a risk of Chadash.

  2. To put all your minds at ease. My friend just spoke to Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag, the Rav Hamachshir of the Triangle K. He confirmed the Hechsher on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The product was produced in Spain and is 100% Cholov Yisroel משעת החליבה. He confirmed also that the production was done before Pesach.

    With that being clarified if anyone did indeed purchase it I would be interested in knowing who the distributor is for personal reasons. So if they could send me pictures of the back panel showing this information it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. if you want people to send you pictures, perhaps you should include your email address.

      thanks for the info. I sent an email to Triangle K using the email address from their website, but I have not yet received a response.

    2. Rafi, you are correct. My email is ben@crowngeriatrics.com.Tyvm for printing it out.

    3. the email I sent to the Triangle K came back to me as temporarily undeliverable, so I have no idea if they have received my question or not. I have to look for other contact info

  3. Why are these products imported from other countries when there is so much dairy foods in EY? Feel importing to EY any food products seems unkosher itself!


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