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Apr 19, 2020

Corona does not care about political pressure

I appreciate that people want to get back to their normal routines. So do I. People want, and need, to get back to work. Companies and manufacturing and tourism and everything else all need to get back on track or the economy will be destroyed. People want/need to get back to shuls, yeshivas, kollels and their places of Torah and prayer. Kids need to get back to the school and their education.

I am worried though that the decisions being made are more out of social frustration and political pressure. Fewer and fewer people anyway are keeping to the rules. Minyanim are rampant, and many are not keeping to some or all of the rules (even without taking into account the rule of no minyan), people are walking outside and playing or relaxing in the parks, and in what might be possibly the worst of all hey are talking negatively about the government imposed lockdown. Political pressure is coming at Netanyahu from all sides - the Haredi Ministers are pushing him for minyanim and larger minyanim, some are pushing him for mikvas, some for yeshivas, others ministers are pushing for more businesses to be allowed to open, others for special ed, others for daycare, and the pressure is clearly just too much.

From the tight lockdown to all the new eased regulations seems like a pretty big jump to me and I suspect a lot of the decisions were made for other than medical reasons.

I think a lot of this was also a result of the protest in Tel Aviv a few days ago. That was bad imagery and a lot of people were saying if such large protests are ok, why is minyan not ok?, why cant I go to work?, etc..

Follow the rules, and if you must go out, do so safely and please adhere to the rules. We are not even two weeks from Pesach yet and while we will hopefully not see a holiday spike in infections, we really have no way to know as of now. Personally, we are preferring to stay in as much as possible, pretty similar to what we have been doing the past 4 or 5 weeks, but if you feel otherwise, please keep to the strictest regulations as carefully as possible. the virus does not care about sector or political pressures. If you come into contact, you can spread it or catch it, whether you know it or not.

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